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435. Non-overlapping Intervals


Given a collection of intervals, find the minimum number of intervals you need to remove to make the rest of the intervals non-overlapping.


    Example 1:

    Input: [[1,2],[2,3],[3,4],[1,3]]
    Output: 1
    Explanation: [1,3] can be removed and the rest of intervals are non-overlapping.

    Example 2:

    Input: [[1,2],[1,2],[1,2]]
    Output: 2
    Explanation: You need to remove two [1,2] to make the rest of intervals non-overlapping.

    Example 3:

    Input: [[1,2],[2,3]]
    Output: 0
    Explanation: You don't need to remove any of the intervals since they're already non-overlapping.



    1. You may assume the interval's end point is always bigger than its start point.
    2. Intervals like [1,2] and [2,3] have borders "touching" but they don't overlap each other.

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