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599. Minimum Index Sum of Two Lists


Suppose Andy and Doris want to choose a restaurant for dinner, and they both have a list of favorite restaurants represented by strings.

You need to help them find out their common interest with the least list index sum. If there is a choice tie between answers, output all of them with no order requirement. You could assume there always exists an answer.


Example 1:

Input: list1 = ["Shogun","Tapioca Express","Burger King","KFC"], list2 = ["Piatti","The Grill at Torrey Pines","Hungry Hunter Steakhouse","Shogun"]
Output: ["Shogun"]
Explanation: The only restaurant they both like is "Shogun".

Example 2:

Input: list1 = ["Shogun","Tapioca Express","Burger King","KFC"], list2 = ["KFC","Shogun","Burger King"]
Output: ["Shogun"]
Explanation: The restaurant they both like and have the least index sum is "Shogun" with index sum 1 (0+1).



  • 1 <= list1.length, list2.length <= 1000
  • 1 <= list1[i].length, list2[i].length <= 30
  • list1[i] and list2[i] consist of spaces ' ' and English letters.
  • All the stings of list1 are unique.
  • All the stings of list2 are unique.

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